Deluxe Car Wash

Steam Clean

Benefits of using steam cleaning has been around for years and mostly used for commercial purposes such as equipments, sidewalk cleaning, household tile and grout cleaning, and health care industry purposes. Recently Steam Cleaning has been in the forefront as an eco-friendly way to detail vehicles thanks to companies that are driven and committed to providing equipment to the USA on a more larger scale. Some steam benefits can be summarized below.

  • Eliminates the continued use of harsh chemicals and fume inhalation.
  • Safe for interior and exterior of vehicle with dry/vapor ( ~ 5% water) and wet steam options
  • Eliminates Waste Water Run off and conserves water consumption
  • Steam clean can be used on all surfaces such as upholstery, vinyl, leather, metal, aluminum, glass, chrome, and plastic.
  • Disinfects, Sanitizes, and Deodorizes naturally with safe steam temperatures
  • Can clean hard to reach areas such as cup holders, trim, gauges, and intricate tire rims
  • Regular commercial car wash consumes an estimate of 45 gallons of water per regular car wash, steam clean can use as little as 1 gallon per car wash