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Service Best For: All Cars in need of deep, comprehensive or heavy cleaning such as commuter cars, cars with kids, pets, heavy staining, food debris/biological matter, and grime. Cars in need of sanitation, deodorizing, and disinfection. Cars that need more attention to the exterior such as sap, bug, pollen, light to medium scratch removal for mirror like glass feel.

Services Performed

  • Steam Clean Exterior & Chamois Dry (Exterior Contaminant Mitt)
  • Steam Clean Wheels & under Wheel Well
  • Vacuum Interior and Trunk
  • Polish Door Jambs & Trunk
  • Interior & Exterior Windows/Mirrors
  • Steam Clean Carpet, Mats, Trunk Carpet and Clean Weather Mats
  • Steam Clean Seats
  • Steam Clean and Condition Leather
  • Steam Clean Dash, Vents, Gauges, Cup holders, Ashtrays, Side Panels, etc…
  • Dress Dash (Dry to Touch)
  • Orbital Clay Pad to Remove Surface Contaminants/Bug,Tar & Sap Removal
  • Machine or Hand Polish to Remove Light to Medium Scratches to Exterior Paint
  • 2-Stage: Orbital Polish to Remove Light to Medium Scratches to Exterior Paint
  • Silica Wax
  • Dress Tires and Rubber Moldings

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  • 2 Door - $330
  • 4 Door - $350
  • Small SUV - $370
  • Regular SUV - $390
  • Large SUV - $415
  • X Large SUV/Van/Truck - $450
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Service Time Required: 4 - 7 hours depending on size and pre-existing condition of vehicle.

Notice: All cars subject to evaluation of condition interior and exterior, additional service time or service type change may be required and price subject to change